Schwerin Castle (Germany)

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On an island on Lake Schweriner See lies the castle of Schwerin, one of the most beautiful churches in Northern Germany. Built more than a thousand years ago, it was enlarged and rebuilt several times, its present appearance dates back to a master renovation performed between 1843 and 1857. The architects of this restoration, Georg Adolph Demmler and Friedrich August Stüler, were inspired, as well you see, the famous French chateau of Chambord. But some interior also date back to the '500 and remained perfectly intact. Overall the castle reflects many different architectural styles, but this does not disturb the harmony. It is a castle that is also called the "Neuschwanstein of Mecklenburg," referring to the famous Bavarian castle (see about the page dedicated to the Bavarian castles). It is surrounded by the "Burggarten" (the fortress garden), a beautiful English-style park with an artificial cave. In the past the castle was the residence of the Duke and the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, is now the seat of the regional parliament. For the timetable of the visit, the entry and guided tours of the castle-museum see this page.

Across a bridge you come from the castle to the old town of Schwerin it boasts many historic buildings, especially the 800 (in the photos below there are some examples). All the tourist attractions of Schwerin can, among other things, easily explored on foot, the best way to enjoy the city's charm. One of the few buildings of medieval times is the magnificent cathedral, built between 1240 and 1416 and considered the most important example of "Backsteingotik", the red-brick Gothic. From the cathedral tower you have a wonderful view of the city and the lakes.

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