Castello di Torrechiara (Italy)

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Already mentioned in the eleventh century as Torclara, the Torrechiara Castle was rebuilt between 1448 and 1460 by Pier Maria Rossi in honor of the beloved Bianca Pellegrini, becoming luxurious residence.

The castle perfectly retains its square-shaped body of the late medieval period, between four towers and imposing crenellated curtain wall. It is accessed via a long covered entrance leading to the courtyard, where there is the small church of St. Nicomedes whose door is studded with monograms of Bianca and Pier Maria.
Inside, the old kitchen, the Jupiter room, the pergola, of landscapes, of Victoria, the Angels, the Velario and Coat of Arms are frescoes in the era Sforza Cesare Baglione. Upstairs stands out the hall Of Acrobats, decorated by artists from the school and from Baglione Paganino.
Special attention deserves the Camera D'Oro, whose name derives from the pure gold leaves that time clothed the panels on the walls. The room still has a rare cycle of frescoes attributed to Benedetto Bembo depicting scenes of chivalric love ritual and the celebration of the bond between Bianca and Pier Maria. They will recognize the two beloved arms, two hearts with Digne et phrases in aeternum (with dignity and forever) and Nunc et semper (now and forever), to eternity evidence of their love. The Golden Room overlooking a large porch built at the end of the fifteenth century, when the castle lost its original military functions and became dwelling.

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