Sirmione Castle (Italy)

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In Sirmione, on Lake Garda, it is the Scaliger Castle, the former lords of Verona. It was built in the 13th century and today boasts battlements, towers and a drawbridge that connects it to the mainland.

The Castle of Sirmione, one of the most impressive medieval fortresses in Europe built on water, and has been the scene of very cruel and bloody events. Surrounded on all sides by water rises steeply to defend the city.

The Castle of Sirmione was probably born on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortification and was intended to defend the village and control the harbor. Today you can access the castle only through the drawbridge, entered the castle leads to the main courtyard, a rectangular shape, surrounded by high walls and the corner towers.

The dock that you can see today is probably the one built by the Republic of Venice, on the model of the Arsenal of Venice, which replaced the previous old wooden dock. Inside we find a porch which houses a collection of Roman and medieval, along a staircase and a drawbridge leads to the second fence and climb to the walkways on the walls from where you can see an overview of the impressive and charming dock, refuge fleet Scala.

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Latitude: 45.4915277
Longitude: 10.6083694
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