Malcesine Castle (Italy)

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Characteristic element of the landscape profile of Malcesine is the Scaligero Castle with its high tower, dominant on a rocky outcrop. From the tower the landscape of the lake is spectacular.
And 'the upper part of the lake, close to a fjord, with the cliffs of Mount Baldo which rise immediately severe.

The castle, of Lombard imprint, was attacked and destroyed by the Franks in 590, after a brief period we in ruins and abandoned in 806 and was rebuilt several times hosted King Pepin, son of Charlemagne.
Following the conquests of the Hungarians towards the end of the first millennium, so it became a fief of the Bishop of Verona.
With the domination of the Scaligera dominion restructuring and military adjustments were made and with them the name of 'Medieval Castle'. He remained under the Scala in 1277 with Alberto Della Scala until 1378, with the fall of the Lordship and the handover of the whole territory to the Visconti of Milan.

From the first decade of 1400 was imposed the ruling Venetian Republic and the castle, but in the short period of imperial invasion sixteenth connected to the League of Cambrai, remained in Venetian hands until the fall of the Republic in 1797.

After the brief French period, the nineteenth century was held by the Austrians, who militarized the whole strategic province of Verona ( 'the' quadrilateral school memory), and were involved in the renovation and static consolidation work.

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Latitude: 45.766281
Longitude: 10.8088879
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