Dunluce Castle (Northern Ireland)

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The iconic ruin of Dunluce Castle bears witness to a long and tumultuous history. First built on the dramatic coastal cliffs of north Antrim MacQuillan by the family in 1500, the first written trace of the castle was in 1513.

E 'was seized by ambitious clan MacDonnell in 1550, he began to stamp their mark on the castle under the leadership of the famous warrior chief Sorely Boy MacDonnell in a time of violence, intrigue and rebellion.

In the 17th century Dunluce was the seat of Antrim accounts and saw the creation of a small town in 1608. Visitors can explore the results of archaeological excavations in the cobbled streets and houses of stone merchants "of the long-abandoned Dunluce Town.

The dramatic story of Dunluce is accompanied by tales of a banshee and how the kitchens of the castle fell into the sea one stormy night in 1639.

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Latitude: 55.2106924
Longitude: -6.5796063
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