Saint-Maurice Castle (Switzerland)

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Begun in the late fifteenth century, between 1476 and 1482, the construction of the castle of St-Maurice took place in several stages. They started by building a tower with doors, then a crenellated enclosure and watchtowers. This led to the construction of the main body of the building and, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, a large retaining wall to which was added a new tower with a large ogival door.

A fire destroyed the city and the castle of St-Maurice simultaneously in 1693. It was completely and quickly rebuilt to remain in time, the seat of power in the region.

It was used as the governor's headquarters, a guard and customs post, and between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries an orphanage, a nursery school for the elderly, a military school, a troop lodge or a prison. During the twentieth century it became less active but more open to the general public with, after an important renewal in the 70s, the function of the cantonal military museum of the Valais.

The castle is now home to receptions by the Valais State Council and an exhibition space dedicated to drawings, comics from newspapers and comics. As a nod to the famous painter Turner (1775-1851) who one day stopped in front of the castle to make a romantic picture.

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Latitude: 46.223493
Longitude: 7.0007708
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