Bodiam Castle (England)

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Bodiam Castle, built to defend the southern coasts of the island from invasion attempts of the French during the 100 years war, is located about 90 kilometers south of London, from where it can be easily reached by following the A20 first and A21 later.

If you asked the children to draw a castle, probably you would draw a white castle with spiers and roofs dipping, built on top of the mountains, Neuschwanstein style, or a castle surrounded by a moat with a bridge to pass over the waters, four towers on the sides and crenellated steps, along the perimeter, in short, the prototype used to build the Bodiam castle.

Externally the castle presents itself in all its grandeur, and it's easy to imagine it nestled at the time of its construction; Internally the building is not so well preserved, but it is worth paying 6 pounds and a half to go, listen to 15 minutes of the movie that tell the history of the castle and climb the towers, enjoying views of the surrounding countryside. From February 13, until the end of October, it is open daily from 10:30 am to 5 pm.

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Latitude: 51.002266
Longitude: 0.543549
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