Maintenon Castle (France)

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Less than an hour from Paris and Versailles, it is a castle in the heart of the Eure Valley, offering a pleasant surprise. A castle, which belonged to Madame de Maintenon, and a beautiful garden to recreate the French in 2013 as a faithful spirit of Le Nôtre.

The French garden of Maintenon castle was restored in 2013, on the basis of the original plan of Le Nôtre to find a loyal audience in mind at that time, in accordance with the prospects of the castle for the aqueduct. Patrick Pottier, the master gardener of the battlefield castle in Eure worked on the restoration project, according to a 1687 map of Robert de Cotte background, preserved in the National Library of France. We know from a letter of Madame de Maintenon to Madame de Brinon, "Notre worked at Maintenon garden in 1684 '.

Site run by the General Council of Eure-et-Loir. In 1674, Madame de Maintenon, the widow Scarron poet and future Madame de Maintenon, bought the estate of Maintenon. The landscape of the castle and receives Louis XIV are in a opportunitée place to feed the basins of the castles of Versailles by the waters of the Eure. And 'Vauban who has the gigantic project that will remain unfinished, but some vestiges remain, including the aqueduct. The French garden recreated for the 400th anniversary of Le Nôtre, gardener famous king, invited to stroll through the flower beds filled with topiary and roses Le Nôtre, admiring the view that opens onto the Eure channel the walk can be completed along the Racine avenue to go to the foot of the aqueduct.

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Latitude: 48.5866261
Longitude: 1.5782001
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