Amboise Castle (France)

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The Royal Château d'Amboise is located in the Indre-et-Loire in Amboise. It is Gothic and Renaissance style, and is one of the Loire Castles.

This castle of the Loire Valley is open all year, so it gives you the opportunity to discover his gigantic monument and its landscaped gardens with stunning views over the Loire Valley.

The castle site was occupied since the Gallic period. As to, this site developed, first it was a oppidum, then a church, later to become a castle.

This building, of private property, is classified as a historical monument since 1840. Its monumental fortress-palace is the latest big royal castle built in France today. It dates from the time of Charles VII (1483-1498), including two impressive cylindrical towers housing a gently sloping ramp, which thus allowed the passage of horses and carts to access the crowned spur.

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Latitude: 47.4133609
Longitude: 0.987019
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