Seehof Castle (Germany)

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Strikingly rise the four corner towers of the castle, which was built in 1686 under Marquard Schenk von Stauffenberg to plans by the architect Antonio Petrini. After extensive renovation work by the Free State of Bavaria the splendid rooms can be visited again today. The 18th century garden has also been partially restored. Their highlight is the water features of the cascade, which can be admired in the summer months on the hour. The restored Orangerieparterre ensures a special experience. Pomeranian, orange and lemon trees exude their beguiling fragrance and recall the dream of the south. In the Orangeriegebäuden, the Winterquatier of the southern plants, is now not only an excursion café, there are also exhibited originals of the famous Frankish garden sculptor Ferdinand Tietz, whose enchanting Rococo sculptures the park of Schloss Seehof particularly distinguished.

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Latitude: 49.927041
Longitude: 10.947532
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