Burgos Castle (Italy)

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The castle, which stands on a granite peak at 647 m s.l.m., consists of a triple wall, the perimeter walls (which surround an inner courtyard) and the large main tower that exceeds 15 meters in height.

It was probably built during the first half of the twelfth century at the behest of the judge of Torres Gonnario II de Lacon-Gunale.

In 1194, during the war between the Giudicato of Torres and the Giudicato of Cagliari, the Calaritan judge William I Salusio IV, after having stormed the castle, according to some sources committed rape against the wife of the Turret judge, the Catalan Prunisinda , which died shortly thereafter in Santa Igia.

Later the castle passed for a short time in the hands of Pisa but was reoccupied by the Giudicato of Torres. In 1233, at the death of Barisone III of Torres, Torres's sister Adelasia married Enzo di Hohenstaufen, son of Emperor Federico II, who became King of Sardinia. The marriage did not last long because the capture of Enzo by the Bolognese Adelasia retired to the castle in voluntary imprisonment until his death.

The castle then passed with alternate events to the Genoese, the Sardinian branch of the Doria and the judges of Arborea, in particular to Mariano IV, who founded the village of the same name. Finally it passed to the Aragonese who abandoned it leaving it in ruins.

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Latitude: 40.3885317
Longitude: 8.9988421
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