Haderburg (Italy)

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The Haderburg is probably one of the most imposing castles in South Tyrol's south. On an upstream limestone cliff above the community of Salurn, it rises almost majestically above the Adige Valley. The complex was built at the beginning of the 13th century by Count von Salurn. Shortly thereafter, it went into the possession of Count Meinhard II and later to the Habsburgs.

The medieval fortress is also known as Salurn Castle and is divided into a main castle with the keep and the Palas and a fore-castle, the latter was built in the 14th century a little further down the rock. In 1514, Emperor Maximilian had numerous extensions and conversions. It added corner rondels, side walls, gates and gun barrels, which gave the castle its final shape. For the defense of South Tyrol, however, Haderburg soon lost its importance and fell to a great extent. Today, only the keep and the outer walls are preserved.

In 1648, the Venetian Count Zenobio-Albrizzi took over the walls, whose descendants are still the owners today. Some time ago, at their request, they began with the renovation and protect the Haderburg so before further decay. Since 2003, the facility is now open to the public again and houses a castle tavern, in which events take place regularly. You reach the castle via the newly created "Path of Visions".

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Latitude: 46.236132
Longitude: 11.2034621
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