Rosenborg Castle (Denmark)

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A mix of turrets, gables and ditch from "once upon a time", the castle of Rosenborg start of the 17th century was built between 1606 and 1633 by King Christian IV in the Dutch Renaissance style to serve as his residence summer. Today, 24 superior rooms of the castle are arranged chronologically, home furnishings and portraits of each monarch from Christian IV to Frederick VII. The highlight, though, is the cellar of the Treasury, which houses the crown jewels of dazzling, including the glorious crown of Christian IV and the jewel-encrusted sword of Christian III.

Feeling too tight Rosenborg, King Frederick IV built a more spacious building in the 18th century, in the town of Fredensborg, north of the city. In the years that followed, Rosenborg was mainly used for official functions and as a place in which to protect the monarchy memorabilia. In 1830 the royal family has decided to open the castle to visitors as a museum, while using it as a treasure for royal regalia and jewels.

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Rosenborg Castle


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