Furstenberg Castle (Germany)

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The Fürstenberg Castle, also known as the Electorate of Cologne country castle is a ruined castle in Höingen in the municipality of Ense in the circle Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The ruins of a hilltop castle is situated on the Fürstenberg above Höingen. She counted the duchy of Westphalia and was strategically important location on the border of the county Arnsberg. The main castle was to "judge heads" who Vorburg further away on the site of the present chapel.

The castle was first mentioned in 1295th Simultaneously the first Burgmann Hermann von Furstenberg is mentioned, and thus also saw the first documented mention of today blossoming family of the Barons von Fürstenberg. This Hermann came from the family of Binolen (Hönnetal), called himself but later after his seat of Fürstenberg.

The castle has been the subject of many military actions:

1303/04 destruction of the system by Graf Everd of the Mark in his feud against Archbishop Wigbold,
1307/09 Archbishop Henry built the castle new, December 8, 1309, he is in the castle and is made up of two documents,
1311 Count Engelbert II. Of the Mark destroyed the castle,
1313 Bishop Henry built the castle new,
1343/44 final destruction by the allied Counts of Arnsberg and the Mark.
Members of the family of Fürstenberg sitting in office as Burgmannen in Werl and build the castle 1365/70 Water Lappe, which until 1633 the headquarters of the family. As the county Arnsberg was transferred to the Elector of Cologne in 1368, the border castle lost its importance in the Fürstenberg. The now Cologne City Neheim took in this room, the protective function against the Märker.

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Latitude: 50.041841
Longitude: 7.7873464
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